Have you ever been in the cast of a play where everyone got on amazingly well, every rehearsal was fun, the time flew by, and the whole experience of working together was exciting and exhilarating? Equally, have you ever been in a cast where it was sheer hell trying to work together?

What created those differences? Usually we’ll say, “The chemistry was not right”, or “There was just a lucky chemistry between everyone.” Or we might give the director all the credit or blame. The point is: as an actor, what can you do personally to make it a better experience?

For a start you can approach each production with correct values: create an environment of support, where it feels safe for you all to take risks; be generous to each other; raise the collective bar so that no one tolerates mediocrity; have fun and work with courage.

You don’t believe this? Then consider the opposite: create an environment of mistrust where you know you’ll be sneered at every time you try something different; be selfish and suspicious of each other; lower the bar and settle for mediocrity; make life hell for each other and avoid commitment.

Proactively, you can choose the values you bring to the work.