Talent + individual effort = success. But it’s not necessarily an equal weighting. Individual effort can make up for lightness in talent: it just depends how hard and effectively you work.

Take an example from music for a moment. Consider the 6-year old prodigy violinist who is way beyond anyone twice their age. Everyone is rightly awestruck by the shed load of talent on display. But by the time the prodigy is 30, other talented non-prodigies have caught up through sheer hard work and the gap closes. Consequently, at any time on the international stage there is a handful of pretty well equally excellent violinists, but they weren’t all prodigies. Individual effort counts.

Applying this to acting, your given talent needs continuing hard work – some call it grit – to reach technical and artistic excellence. And that will usually not happen before you are 30. So the point is: if you really want it, never give up but keep going, whatever the universe throws in your way.