If I had to boil everything down to one single secret of success, I’d say it’s this: Take action!

In it’s zen-like simplicity that has everything. By all means have a dream and go with the flow of the universe (instead of fighting against it) but do so by taking action in the first place.

In my experience of working with thousands of people around the world I’ve seen that many have a dream but fewer really take action to achieve it. A dream of course is vast and vague. So much so that you can easily think: how could I ever achieve that?

The answer is simple. Break the dream down into specific goals, and break those goals down into specific steps, and break each of those steps down into smaller steps, and make a commitment to take the first of those small steps. And you’re on your way. Then ask yourself each day: what step am I taking today?

And finally, keep on taking action. Again, I’ve seen lots of people start out on a goal and then give up when the going gets tough. You need the grit to keep at it, overcoming the setbacks. As the Japanese saying goes: Fall down seven times, get up eight times.