Warmth is the quality of heart in a performance. It’s about the way you connect with other people. When you act with warmth, you project affection, goodwill and kindliness – all powerful qualities to be on the receiving end of.

To engage an audience fully, you need to work from a warm heart, and you do that by being open to everyone around you. Consider the opposite: a cold, cynical heart. Cynicism is death to acting. Through warmth it’s possible to find the openness and child-like quality that will touch your audience emotionally and let them in, rather than push them away.


Warmth in performance allows empathy, when your audience can identify with you. There is no occasion when warmth in the actor is not useful. Even when playing a villain, your warmth as an actor will enable the character to become more rounded.

And how do you find warmth? Warmth is something you need to start projecting off-stage, in everyday life. If it becomes a natural habit in your life, it will be easier to express it in a performance. Warmth comes out of love – the love you feel for the work, the play, the character you’re portraying and the audience.

But balance is important. There should always be a balance of intellect and emotion. Intellect alone will make your acting cold; emotion alone will make you come across as fluffy and sentimental. The balance engages both the hearts and the minds of your audience.